Unfortunately most of us have experienced a loss of a loved one or a close companion. These are difficult times to face. These times may be even more difficult when dealing with the legal issues of a trust or probate estate.

Generally a Will or Trust that complies with statutory requirements is valid unless it is established that the person signing was of unsound mind, or subject to undue influence.

We handle matters dealing with enforcing and protecting the rights of interested parties under Trust Agreements, Wills, and intestate succession. This includes representing Trustees, designated beneficiaries, intestate heirs, personal representatives and creditors of estates.

Contesting a Will or Trust may come at a very difficult time, but may be necessary to protect the interest of individuals and the intentions of the deceased.  There are strict time requirements for filing various claims, motions and requests. Therefore, action should be taken as soon as possible.

My office specializes in helping you make probate matters simpler and smoother when undergoing such an experience. We have successfully represented many clients in estate and trust matters.


Probate is the process of administering the decedent’s estate which includes identifying assets within the estate, notifying and satisfying any known or potential creditors, identifying and notifying heirs, and distributing assets to the heirs as directed by the Will, Trust or by Court Order.

An executor or administrator is appointed by the Court to manage and oversee the estate.

In some cases, if a Will or Trust exists, family members or heirs contest the appointing of a trustee, executor, or administrator, the validity of a creditor’s claim, or even the validity of the Will or Trust itself.

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